Helping autonomous vehicles to communicate with pedestrians

Hand gestures, head nods and thumbs-up signals all help to ensure drivers, pedestrians and cyclists know what each other is doing. But how will self driving vehicles, with no human driver, communicate with those around them? ???? https://ford.to/AVsignals Ford has been testing one approach that uses lights to indicate what the vehicle is doing and what it will do next. It’s part of the company’s research into developing a communication interface that will help autonomous vehicles seamlessly integrate with other road users. #AutonomousVehicles #Communication ___ Follow Ford Europe on social media: ? YouTube Sub' ???? https://ford.to/FordEUsubscribe ? Collections ???? http://ford.to/FordEUcollections ? Google+ ???? https://ford.to/FordEuGooglePlus ? Instagram ???? https://ford.to/FordEUgrams ? Twitter ???? https://ford.to/FordEUtweets ? Google News ???? https://ford.to/EUnews ? Your Ford Web Portal ????https://ford.to/Ford